CleanScrape® Belt Cleaners

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Try This Cleaner Risk-Free And You Will

CleanScrape® Cleaner In Action

Insist We Replace The Rest of Your Cleaners As Well

It is a proven fact that when we install a CleanScrape® Cleaner at a plant, they always want more. You can read it in their own words right here.

You will love the CleanScrape® Cleaner because it:

  • Will last you at least twice as long as traditional cleaner systems - Click here to find out how much longer it will last in your exact situation
  • Is easy to install with little ongoing maintenance needed, requiring only one tensioner adjustment - EVER!
  • Offers the lowest blade-to-belt pressure of any cleaner on the market.
  • You can put it anywhere! Installed at an angle, the CleanScrape® Cleaner requires very little space for installation.
  • Works well with dry, wet or sticky materials, making it perfectly suited for aggregate, limestone, cement or coal.
CleanScrape® Cleaner Blade Back
You can use the CleanScrape® Cleaner with both mechanical and vulcanized splices because of its durable tungsten carbide tips, which are available in multiple grades of carbide to match your application.

The Bottom Line: The CleanScrape® Cleaner is an innovative, durable metal-tipped belt cleaner that provides maximum cleaning efficiency without compromising your belt.

Ask us about trying it Risk-Free ASAP!
If you don’t think it’s the best cleaner you’ve ever used, we will give you your money back. Period.

"We have employees of 30+ years of whom rave about these cleaners, saying they are the best thing seen at Ulan since they started!"
Robert Thraves, Outbye Services
Superintendent, Ulan Underground Coal Mine
"Maintenance is almost unnecessary."
Uwe Schridde, Ramp & Salzmann
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Absolutely-No-Excuses Guarantee

No Risk.  No Hassle.  If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your CleanScrape® Cleaner, we will happily honor our “Absolutely-No-Excuses” Guarantee, and fully refund your money or install a Secondary Cleaner for FREE.

See The CleanScrape® Cleaner In Action!

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1500 fpm (7.5 m/s) Up to 96 in (up to 2400 mm) More than 48 in (more than 1200 mm)