Replacement Belt Cleaner Blades


When you need replacement blades for your belt cleaners, why settle for anything less than the longest-lasting, most-effective blades in the industry?

Martin® Replacement Blades are competitively priced and backed by multiple guarantees!

  • Martin has designed, built and deployed a custom built computer controlled polyurethane casting system to assure that our vast in-house knowledge of what matters in producing quality urethane is incorporated into the highest quality blades possible.
  • The computer controlled devices in our urethane manufacturing systems allow us to monitor product quality continuously, from anywhere in the world.
  • Martin has a global partnership with BASF, one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers, to assure worldwide material consistency, quality and availability!
  • Martin is the only supplier of belt cleaning equipment that manufactures blades on three continents with proprietary custom designed machinery. The blades produced anywhere in the world with our equipment have the same superior, guaranteed performance.
  • Martin, in cooperation with our global chemical partner BASF, is the leader in the development of high-performance urethanes, ensuring exceptional quality and product satisfaction.
  • Martin’s blades are engineered to perform better than competitor’s designs by utilizing our patented CARP profile - not to mention up to 35% more urethane in the wearable area.
  • Martin offers replacement blades for any other manufacturer’s belt cleaners that can be quickly and easily fitted to any existing mainframe, but manufactured by our proprietary computer controlled urethane production system.
  • Martin is the largest manufacturer of conveyor belt cleaners in the world, responsible for many of the innovations that have appeared in belt cleaning over the last 40 years.
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Martin® Blades Are Made Better, So They Last Longer and Cost Less!

Comuníquese hoy mismo con nosotros al 800-544-2947. Nuestros expertos en limpieza de bandas lo pueden ayudar a encontrar la solución correcta para su aplicación.

La clave está en nuestra tecnología CARP (Ángulo Constante de Presión Radial) patentada. Obtenga más información.

Martin Offers an Entire Line of Color-Coded Urethanes to Match Performance with Application!

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Hojas de reemplazo Martin®
Se adaptan a cualquier modelo de la competencia
con un mayor volumen utilizable de la hoja.

Observe estos ejemplos

Limpiador ARCH Saber® (SB) Un 35 % más
Limpiador ARCH Saber® (SCM) Un 35 % más
Argonics™ Eraser™ Cleaner 16% More!
ASGCO® Skalper® Cleaner 53% More!
Limpiador BENETECH® BEP1 16% More!
Flexco® EZP1 Rockline® Cleaner 7% More!
Flexco® MMP Cleaner EQUAL!
Martin® Forever Belt Cleaner Guarantee

Tenemos tanta confianza en el rendimiento de todos nuestros limpiadores de banda que nos enorgullece ofrecer la primera garantía ilimitada para limpiadores de banda del sector:una oferta exclusiva disponible para clientes actuales de hojas de reemplazo auténticas de Martin®.

Ofreceremos bastidores y tensionadores de reemplazo de Martin® para montajes de limpiadores de banda conforme sean necesarios, independientemente de que los que reemplacemos sean de fabricación propia o no, totalmente sin cargo mientras mantengamos una relación de servicio, que incluye instalación de hojas, tensionado y actualizaciones de hardware, todo SIN CARGO; esto lo ayudará a conservar un máximo rendimiento y a mantener en funcionamiento el sistema de limpieza de bandas como si fuera nuevo: PARA SIEMPRE.

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Producto Velocidad máx. de la banda Ancho máx. de la banda Diámetro de la polea
900 fpm (4.6 m/s) Up to 96 in (up to 2400 mm) 12-24 in (305-600 mm)